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May 2, 2008

Book Sale

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Karen mentioned she was going to post about the book sale but I couldn’t wait to look for myself so here is the link!

I think I might try to hit it up Sun afternoon if it is still open !(says 8-8 so it should be!)¬†I was bummed to see a 50 item limit though ūüôā haha…



April 30, 2008

An exciting future of access!

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Hey eveyone,

Here’s an interesting NPR article that was in my NCTE inbox this morning. Its about libraries putting their collections online. Exciting, right? Think about it: free access to books for everyone. Any Google and Microsoft have offered to put the collections online for free. Nice of them, but it’s a little scary to think of one corporation having their hold on all online texts. The libraries have been putting the texts online themselves, which is really cool. In fact, I just noticed this morning that the onondaga library system now has a bunch of texts and sound files online that you can download. I plan to check this out more later. It’s a great idea, if you ask me.

Of course, I like this because 1. I’m an English teacher and 2. I’m a reader. But what will kids think? Will the texts included online cater to them? presumably, because the whole collection is supposedly being put online. If this is true, we could see a renaissance of the library system amongst young people. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I believe the internet is their preferred medium, and if libraries are to capture them, the internet would be the way to do it.

Do share thoughts.


March 25, 2008

YA LIT Genre

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Here is a great article concerning “the genre conundrum” of YA lit… something we struggle with ourselves! And for the record do I believe that The Lovely Bones is a YA title… yikes! Great novel but I had a hard time “Swallowing” that one myself…



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Isn’t this site fun!!! One of our grad student teachers is using it to build a unit on MY BROTHER SAM IS DEAD.

March 13, 2008

NCTE Censorship List

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Searching NCTE I found this list of challenged books.-Sarah

February 23, 2008

Possible Article for Josh

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¬†this might/might not help in your article search for graphic novels…


Possible Article for Jess

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¬†here’s something you may or may not be able to use for your seminar on sex/sexuality

I stumbled on while doing my search.


Possible Article

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Hi Sarah,

in my search for articles to use in my seminar, I came across this

article on war in YA lit. Don’t know if it will be of use to you, but thought I would pass it on.


January 31, 2008

A Few Good Website

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Here are a couple of good websites I found while searching around on the internet:

I especially like the first one!

January 29, 2008

More Sites

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The website I was telling you guys about in class has pretty much every¬†book you can think of at your fingertips with reviews and¬†personal¬†catalogs, etc. It is like myspace for book nerds, but¬†it’s also¬†a great way to catalog what you have read, what you plan on reading, and lets you offer your opinion (as well as read others’ opinions) on several books. It is also a good resource for comparing prices at some difference online stores (such as B&N, Amazon, etc).¬†

After reading the novels this week I was interested to see what else was out there in the world of graphic novels.  In my browsing the web I found this site.  It has several titles that look interesting that I had not heard of, but yet again I am brand new to this genre of fiction.

I don’t think anyone has shared this yet but teenreads has a great website. I use this as a resource for ala award winning titles¬†as well as newly released titles. Right now they are featuring The Luxe by Anna Godberson with an author interview and reviews of the novel.¬† There are tons of great things on this site including newly released titles, reviews, author insights, and polls where you can offer your opinion on books.¬†

Hope you like these!


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