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March 26, 2008

451-Last Book

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Fun stuff this week, don’tcha think.  What do people make of the common thread between Last Book and 451F?  I thought Philbrick’s was vivid and original in its exposition.  I also thought it was topical for 2002 with the cloning concepts.  This idea also manifests itself in the Aldous Huxley inspired film The Island in which the rich have a clone of themselves created for the sake of spare parts.  Would that be nice?  I wouldn’t mind extra ankles for basketball purposes, but what about the extra emotions?  I don’t always enjoy the standard ones.  Philip K. Dick spoke to this concept in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.  You may know it as the 1982 film Bladerunner with Harrison Ford.  Bottom line is “If it walks like a duck…”.  Philbrick sorta lets everything happen around his Spaz-boy protagonist in the climatic portion of the book.  The ending rings clearly of Bradbury.  Keep the faith. –Josh


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