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May 12, 2008

My seminar

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I loved getting to find and read titles for my seminar.  Teen pregnancy has always been around me and my school, and been something I am scared and worried about for my future students. As I found shocking stats to go with my seminar, my passion for presenting this topic increased.

All the books I found are awesome, and I can’t wait to read those that I didn’t get a chance to before my seminar. I focused on finding books with different characters from all walks of life, as well as books narated by boys and girls. Some books, most notably, Annie’s Baby, are suitabe for middle school readers, and others, like November Blues, would be best for juniors and seniors. It was disappointing to not be able to find many books that deal with abortion. I guess that’s still a taboo in YA lit! Or perhaps I’ll just write a book about that!

I also found that books on parenting and pregnant teens are written in a variety of styles, from diary-entry, to prose, to first person by males and females. The books with boy narrators were just as valuable as those by girls, and since pregnancy is more of a girls’ issue, but parenting is certainly both, the boy POV books are going to be crucial to pull in the male readers in a classroom.

I think it’s important for teachers to have books about pregnant and parenting teens in their classrooms (at least!) if not teach them, becuase a book on a shelf may be the open door a student needs to feel comfortable talking about a touchy subject with a teacher.

For me, the most fun part of the seminar was coming up with the questions and activities for the students. My participants also had great suggestions of further questions.



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