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May 12, 2008

Feedback for Jess’ Sex Seminar

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Jess’ seminar on sex and sexuality in YA lit was an eye opener. She had books with hetero- and homo- sedxual couples, and books that told the good and bad sides of teen sex. I’ve never read Judy Blume’s FOREVER but I am definately going to now! I was surprised that this book, which shows positive and loving sides of sex, was written in the 70s.

Jess had articles that discussed the importance of including literature with sex themes because teens are “doing it”. Jess also led a discussion with me and the other participants on the difference between a sex talk in a health class and one in an ELA classroom. Questions about emotions, birth control and the blurred line between sex under the influence and rape are things that can be more openly discussed in an ELA classroom, and especially when we read books about them.

I thought her activity using song lyrics to show the 3 different narrators’ views from A BAD BOY was awesome and students would definatly enjoy the creative part and getting to use a favorite song. Her debate activity centered around the date rape in INEXCUSABLE is perfect for older students and bringing difficult questions to ask to the forefront.

In all, I really enjoyed Jess’ seminar, and not just because it was close to my topic! She presented well and knew a lot about the books she brought in. Like she said, it’s a hot topic in YA lit and it can’t be ignored. Thank you, Jess, for presenting this topic to us!



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