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May 10, 2008

Teacher Candidate Denied Certification due to Pics on MySpace

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Story worth checking out. KES


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  1. Several months ago I read an article in Newsweek about the capabilities corporations and business employers have to access Facebook accounts. We think that we’re protected by the “private” setting on Facebook – and MySpace, in accordance to the article you have posted – but employers have the tools to penetrate these invisible boundaries. Also, I have been informed multiple times that, “Once a picture is put online, it’s there forever. You may delete it off a website/page, but there is always a way to retrieve it.” This introduces questions on the freedom of speech and expression, right to privacy, and how much should a teacher have to watch his/her actions outside of work?

    Pictures can incriminate, and one must consider the audience that may view the pictures (not just one’s boss, but one’s students as well). I strongly oppose posting pictures of oneself with students… last summer I found pictures on the MySpace page of a former colleague who posted pictures of herself and a student dressed up in her classroom on Halloween. Pictures with students and pictures that are sexually provocative (i.e. partial nudity, kissing, sitting on the toilet) should not be permitted. However, if one is holding a cup or a bottle of beer, and is OF THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE, I think that should be allowed.

    BUT if there is any doubt, just don’t post them. Is it that important? Or do what I did, and delete your MySpace account. That will eliminate all temptations for posting inappropriate pictures.

    Interesting article, Karen.

    Comment by jexter1 — May 11, 2008 @ 6:15 am

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