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May 9, 2008

My Seminar Feedback

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I loved doing the reading for my seminar.  I found some amazing books, almost all of which I have bought for my classroom, and many are already out with my students.  Since the focus of my seminar was mystery novels that would interest boys, I spent a good amount of time focusing on boys as readers and analyzing texts to find specific ones that worked for these boy readers.  I was really looking for engaging mysteries that would push my students beyond the cookie cutter books that many of them love.  I also worked to find common themes in mystery novels to really examine how to write a mystery novel. 

I would love to do the same kind of work with mysteries that I think girls would really be interested in.  While I’m sure that many of my girls will enjoy reading the books I focused on, I would like to find some that are of specific female intrigue.  It would be very informative to have my student compare mystery novels of boy interest and of girl interest to see what characteristics make up each category and apply this information to the gender stereotypes that they are all too familiar with.   

Overall, I most valued finding books that I could share with my students that I know would interest them and also push them to examine the ideas in the novels.  I really wanted to find books that dealt with real middle school level issues.  I was able to find a few short series and I was very pleased to find characters that showed realistic growth as the series continued.  I also found the extension activities I created valuable.  I really want to try them out with my students next year.  I would love to do work with mysteries and have my students read a whole variety of them and do different activities with them.  I would also love to present much of the information I have to my students and have them add books and activities that they find valuable and worthy of their time to what I am providing them. 

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