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May 9, 2008

Josh’s Seminar

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First of all, I want to say how much I enjoyed Josh’s seminar on Wednesday night.  Performing arts is such a great topic!  I found it really interesting that Josh, Erin, Raph, and I all had some connection to performing arts, even though they were all extremely different.  It really showed that this topic can reach kids with a wide variety of interests.  Josh did a nice job engaging us in discussion of all of these different types of performing art. 

All of the books that Josh talked about seemed great.  I was especially intrigued by Lemonade Mouth.  I’m planning on seeing if my school library has a copy.  I was also pleased to recognize a few of the titles from my own classroom library.  I kept thinking about the books Josh shared with us at school today.  My students and I started our drama unit.  All of my classes were ridiculously excited.  These novels would definitely catch my students attention, especially right now when we are “acting” in class.  Each of the novels that Josh brought focused on performing arts, but dealt with social issues as well.  The issues that the novels deal with, while still being about a high interest topic for kids, makes them important and great resources to open discussions with students. 

I was impressed with the extension activities Josh included in his folder.  He had a great range of activities that allowed students to be creative and use their own talents.  One assignment he included was to create a soundtrack for a novel and the rationale behind the songs and timing they chose.  I am thinking about using this idea with my students next year.  They would have fun and be thinking critically.  Josh also had an adaption activity in which students work on converting stories to script format.  I have done something similar with my kids and it was worked extremely well.  I was pleased to be able to share my own success with this idea during the seminar!

I enjoyed the conversation our group.  I think this would be a great topic to jump into with kids. Great seminar, Josh!


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