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May 6, 2008

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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Tomorrow night’s agenda:

Seminars w/Jess, Jon and Josh begin at 4:20. I am not going to push folks who drive a distance to get there at 4. No reason to hurry tomorrow. The topics of these last seminars are particularly interesting I think. And I’m happy that I get to sit in on them tomorrow night.

I want to say that seminars this semester have been the best of the 3 versions of this course I’ve facilitated. Such inspired topics and teaching. Today my undergrads were asking me how they can get away from teaching one book and have kids read more titles. I told them about all of your work on these topics. They were both excited and wistful since they have not had a class like this one to help them prepare. They’re anxious about how they’re going to do things you’re already pros at doing.

Before 6, we’ll gather at Gilda’s downtown for libation and a discussion of THE BOOK THIEF. If you haven’t checked out Zusak’s website where he explains the inspiration for the novel, please do.

I’m going to ask the HITLER YOUTH group to conduct an open lit circle to help us all better understand Bartoletti’s view of this period. And I’d like our ENTER THREE WITCHES readers to share their experience of reading this S’peare knockoff w/all of us.

Final versions of project writing are due on Monday. You may still choose to edit for publication after receiving feedback from me next week.

I suggest you take a look at NEOVOX as one possible site to publish your fiction. But I’m going to help you seek other opportunities.

PLEASE return books tomorrow night–lots still out–unless you continue to need them up through the 12th.

Please make any suggestions here you would like to make about tomorrow–I’d prefer you share some things you’d like to be sure to talk about. I have a few topics I’d like to raise including ch. 8 of REEVE. KES


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  1. I’m glad to hear that our seminar work has been well-received. I think we have all put in an incredible amount of work into these presentations this semester. It showed in each of the seminars that I have attended so far. I believe that we are all gaining strength as teachers of critical literacy. In each seminar that I have been a part of, the focus is never the basics of the texts, but a wider view of our world using the text as a catalyist.

    Tonight, I look forward to discussing the book thief. I never thought I’d make it through such a long book in just a few days. I’ve read 400 pages which seemed impossible a week ago. I’ll be finishing it today at work. I’d like to talk about how this book is different from every other story that we have read of the holocaust and Nazi Germany. I believe everyone can bring something to this discussion, since surely we have all read these texts before. How does Zusak differentiate his text? Why was it a #1 NYT bestseller?
    The other question that I would like to address is whether or not this is a young adult text. Karen told us that it was also marketed to adults. Who is the better audience, if there is a better audience? It seems that YAs would be challenged to read this book. Nevertheless, they have been accomplishing and enjoying the read. Would we use this in our classroom? How?

    Looking forward to the discussion,

    Comment by allison — May 7, 2008 @ 5:29 am

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