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May 6, 2008

Mandy’s seminar

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Mandy did a great job with her seminar. Before she presented, it was easy to see that she is passionate about sports and that she did a lot of work on questions about character and actions of famous athletes and coaches alike. I think this will work for sports lovers and non-sports fans alike because of the media attention that these (negative) sports stories receive.

She had a wide range of book topics, from the blonde cheerleader type (from the back cover it sounds like it might be along the lines of the Clique series and therefore appealing to girls who maybe aren’t athletes) to Lance Armstrong’s inspiring story.

One book I wanted to read before her seminar is Raider’s Night, about a football captain who has to decide between going along with the team of standing up for another by standing alone. Mandy used her sports theme from the get-go with her beginning excercise; each student would draw a sports-related question from a deck of cards, and toss a tennis ball from one to another as they shared and answered their question. Clearly she will be an excellent teacher!

Something I learned from her seminar is about the student-only publication, TeenInk. I especially liked Mandy’s options for cross curriculum teaching, from the health benefits of excercise to the statistics of certain athletes. Mandy included a list of critical approaches to the texts. The one I think would be best applied to all of the texts within a class’ lit circles is cultural criticism. As she pointed out, you could discuss not only the culture of a team, or a sport, but how a certain culture (high school teachers, fellow students, a community) treat and react to those on a team.

Overall it was a wonderful seminar and I am eager to check out both Raider’s Night and I Was Not a Blond Cheerleader.



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