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May 6, 2008

Joyce’s Seminar!!!

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This seminar was such a great experience. I absolutely loved that we opened with talking about our own experiences with Autism in our lives, and then we tied it all into literature and discussed how and if it’s viable to work with this topic and these titles in the classroom. I think what was particularly interesting for me was the fact that we all had Autism touch our lives at some point along the way.

I think that we all agreed by the end that this is an extremely important and prevalent topic for young adults and one that is not brought up a lot because it is a touchy one. In the seminar we talked about how many people don’t understand Autism, and this is why we need to use more of the literature that is available. This as we discussed however, is not an easy thing, especially in inclusive classrooms. You don’t want to single people out, yet you want to inform everyone.

Joyce compiled a rich list of titles, and brought many of them to class to share with us. I think that the novels that she chose were great, and they are all on my summer reading list. Because this is a topic that is really being brought to light in the media recently, and 1 in 150 people will be diagnosed with Autism in their lifetime, I think that it is very important that we all read these titles and have them available.  If you haven’t already, you are guaranteed at some point in your life to come into contact with someone or many affected by Autism.

Joyce did an outstanding job putting the folders together, giving us a broad range of articles that were great to read, and very informative. She also facilitated the discussion very well, I have to say that we could have stayed there and talked all night with the information and books that she provided us with. We were all really engaged, and excited to learn more. She also provided us with wonderful ideas and tools to use in our classrooms, and I am very excited to use them in the future!

Thank you Joyce for all of your work and preparation for this seminar. It was wonderful!

Erin 🙂


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