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May 3, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

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Dear TEACHERS, Please do email me your book list if you did not give it to me on Th. I’ve started to compile a complete list. Only those books you’ve read in toto!

Let’s finish the semester with strong blog posts and comments on others’ posts. So much more to say about A NORTHERN LIGHT. I’m very interested in those posts. Would you agree that this novel’s strength is in its complexity, the attention to location, and in the fully realized characters. Donnelly blogs about her recent work at this site. Last posting is January but you’ll find much of interest in her previous posts.

I wonder if you’ve been thinking about the relationship between ANL and THE BOOK THIEF other than that they are both historical novels. I wonder if you’ve been musing about why I have linked them and for those of you who are familiar w/the Sturtevant novel, why you think these very different books are toggled together in the syllabus.

When I first read TBT I found that it becomes compelling as a reader moves into the last third of this long book. Death increasingly has his hands full and the images sear into the reader’s brain.

I saw THE COUNTERFEITERS, this year’s Academy Award winner in the foreign (Austrian) film category, last weekend. It is a perfect film to see in relationship to reading TBT. The casual brutality, the sadism, the contempt, all of which Zusak describes so effectively are all themes of this film as well.

Don’t miss it if it’s playing at a theatre near you!

Ok, your turn.

P.S. Is anyone watching the Derby? Some human beings should be as well cared for in this country as these millions of dollars worth of horse flesh. I love horses and I have many reservations about horse racing but it is a magnificent sight to see these beauties head to the starting gate against the backdrop of the crowd’s singing “My Old Kentucky Home.” KES


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