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May 1, 2008

Live long and prosper: Reflections on Raph’s Sci. Fi. Seminar

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Having grown up somewhat of a Sci. Fi. geek as well, I can attest to the fact that Raph’s seminar was out of this world.  Raph clearly knows his stuff, but it was refreshing for Raph to discuss, with some humility, that he had been relatively unfamiliar with YA Sci. Fi., having always focused on the  classics.  Raph’s central point was that YA Sci. Fi. can serve as a wonderful introduction and springboard to a whole universe of amazing literature.   His focus texts, Little Brother, Be More Chill, and Life As We Knew It, seemed to relate not only to the world of Sci. Fi., but to moral issues about society’s dependence on technology, and how the same techhnology that helps to advance humanity may very well be humanity’s downfall.

Raph also brought in a variety of Sci. Fi. movies that could be viewed in conjunction with the texts, and would provide another avenue for students to explore the central issues raised by science fiction, such as maintaining our humanity in the face of an increasingly inhuman world.

I want to also admit that Josh, Erin, and I were so excited by the topic, and by what Raph had to say, that we just couldn’t help interrupting Raph from time to time, speaking about our own favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone, and how you really have to watch Donnie Darko three or four times to understand what’s going on.  Great seminar Raph.  And I will definitely be reading Be More Chill as the story seems so relevant to our instant gratification, pharmaceutical addicted, sexually obsessed culture.  Thanks for some great knowledge.



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