Young Adult Lit/Crit

April 30, 2008

Positive Reinforcement

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As the pressures that come with the close of this semester loom (maybe for some of us more than others) I think this is a perfect time for some positive feedback.  I want to say, simply, “Great job!  I’m proud of us!”  We have all read A LOT of books (and articles, textbooks, blog posts and seminar-related information).  We have done some really thoughtful blogging, had critical discussions about literature and pedagogy, we’ve had the norms of traditional teaching questioned, and we’ve accepted the challenge to improve the classrooms and schools in which we teach. 

Also, I’ve personally learned so much from all the members of this class.  Your insights in lit circles,  facilitation of discussions of our class texts, contributions to the blog and in-class discussions, and the thoroughly researched seminars have all been integral to my experience.  Thank you so much.

Just thought we could all use a reminder of all that we’ve done at the point when we’re focusing on what we still have left to do.  Hang in there.  We’re almost there.  You can do it, everyone!  Looking forward to our discussion of A Northern Light tomorrow and to The Book Thief next Wednesday.  Thank you for a great class.




  1. Amen

    Comment by traverse02 — April 30, 2008 @ 9:20 pm

  2. Thanks Sarah 🙂 I needed that as you may well know! haha… I at least can see a light at the end of the tunnel! And judging by my bookshelves of “reads” we have done a damn good job this semester and we deserve a pat on the back (and a beer next week!)….thanks for reminding us of that!

    Comment by kariredmond — April 30, 2008 @ 9:21 pm

  3. What an encouraging and positive message. I second it all, Sarah! ~Jessica

    Comment by jexter1 — May 1, 2008 @ 8:26 am

  4. I prefer pinot noir–my treat! Thanks Sarah for the pats on everyone’s backs. Very well deserved. I am most proud of all of the reading and talking and blogging and writing we’ve done…now if everyone can get work out to a journal I will be ecstatic. Love, K

    Comment by sunyprof — May 1, 2008 @ 11:29 am

  5. Thanks, Sarah.

    I read this at a time when I was totally stressed out. It made me smile.


    Comment by Joyce — May 1, 2008 @ 10:28 pm

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