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April 30, 2008

An exciting future of access!

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Hey eveyone,

Here’s an interesting NPR article that was in my NCTE inbox this morning. Its about libraries putting their collections online. Exciting, right? Think about it: free access to books for everyone. Any Google and Microsoft have offered to put the collections online for free. Nice of them, but it’s a little scary to think of one corporation having their hold on all online texts. The libraries have been putting the texts online themselves, which is really cool. In fact, I just noticed this morning that the onondaga library system now has a bunch of texts and sound files online that you can download. I plan to check this out more later. It’s a great idea, if you ask me.

Of course, I like this because 1. I’m an English teacher and 2. I’m a reader. But what will kids think? Will the texts included online cater to them? presumably, because the whole collection is supposedly being put online. If this is true, we could see a renaissance of the library system amongst young people. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I believe the internet is their preferred medium, and if libraries are to capture them, the internet would be the way to do it.

Do share thoughts.



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  1. Yes, these digitized catalogues herald a potential shift in literacy as like the shift the Gutenberg pringing press made possible. Take a look at just one other of these projects, aptly named The Gutenberg Project, which catalogues over 100,000 titles.

    The availability of the world’s libraries online anytime and anywhere should radically alter the way we do business in ELA classrooms–in public schools. Will it? KES

    Comment by sunyprof — April 30, 2008 @ 10:46 am

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