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April 24, 2008


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As for CUT, by Patricia McCormick, I enjoyed this book immensely. Perhaps enjoyed is the wrong choice of word. I appreciated and connected with this novel. Callie, a 15 year-old who is admitted to Sea Pines- known as “Sick Minds” by the patients-for cutting herself. Upon entering the facility, Callie turns more inward than ever before, becoming mute. Interestingly enough, the novel is written in Callie’s voice to her therapist. She constantly refers to her therapist as “you” and tells the therapist all her thoughts, feelings, desires and pains in the novel. Callie explains that there is so much she wants to say and scream, but then she would be giving into everyone’s requests/demands for her to speak. Callie speaks for so many teens who want to be heard and need to talk to someone, but cannot find the right person to turn to or are not ready to open up. Callie’s biggest fear is LOSING, in both the metaphorical and literal senses. Eventually, Callie speaks, but guarded. The fear of losing control over the one thing in her life: her voice, means losing all power (in her eyes) and that terrifies her. Control is such a large part of a teenager’s life. Control by one’s parents, significant others, cliques/friends, and oneself. A great novel for both young men and women to read.



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