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April 24, 2008

Allison’s seminar

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Ok so this is a bit late but I actually thought NORTHERN LIGHT was due this week, and my seminar on top of that, so I didn’t (think) I had time to reflect on Allison’s seminar. My apologies!

Allison started off by pointing out that today’s middle- and high-school aged kids have little or no memory of 9/11, and were most likely too young to fully understand it as it happened. Since it has shaped so many aspects of our lives today, from the war in Iraq to restrictions when flying, it’s important that students understand this tragic event. Allison’s research and pick of books was perfect for reaching a wide range of students. I was really impressed and moved by the book of poems and drawings by children. This topic could be taught at any level using some of the books Allison used.

i was intrigued by one book she brought to show, Zoya’s Story, because I know little about life in Afghanistan. Not only is this book a way for students to see how life as a woman is in some countries, or how life under a fundamentalist ruler is, but as Allison pointed out, what if terrorist attacks on the US were successful… a fundamentalist regime in the US?… this book could be us someday.

Allison also pointed out that her seminar could expand to include women of Islam culture, and children of war. I thought she was careful and smart in how she would go about discussing the racial views often associated with 9/11, Muslims, Iraq, “towel heads” and more.

All in all it was an engaging seminar and I learned a lot!



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  1. Oh, Erica, I’m sorry–I don’t recall saying a word about A NORTHERN LIGHT’s being due this week–as a result of my absence last week everything moved up a week on the syllabus. I set it up so that we have lit circles one week and whole class books another–so the two are never due on the same week. That’s not true for THE BOOK THIEF of course.

    You surely are way ahead for next week. Breathe easy!! And do share your critical perspectives on the novel per my post below. K

    Comment by sunyprof — April 25, 2008 @ 7:26 am

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