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April 23, 2008

New Golden Age of Young Adult Fiction

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I found an interesting article on line discussing the ways in which YA lit. is having a resurgence.  I find it ironic that teens seem to be reading more, buying books with their own money, and yet there is still such crisis in the realm of test scores and academic achievement in ELA.  Could our teaching, curriculum planning and assessment be to blame?  Oh no, it must surely be the kids.  They just don’t like to read!



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  1. Jon,

    Oh, your biting sarcasm.

    One thing I really liked in the article was the phrase “courting” in reference to book publishers and their output for teens. It IS a matter of attraction, book reading IS a matter of emotional connection, there IS a certain delight in the romantic idea of using our imaginations.

    I agree with you completely that our teaching, curriculum planning, and assessment are not measuring accurately the connection that kids have to books. Clearly, from this article, and the fact that these readers had such great commentary on OCTAVIAN NOTHING, there ARE readers out there. There are books out there with wonderful potential for use in classrooms and beyond. How do we, as teachers, catch up?

    Great article, Jon. It was so encouraging to know that we DO have readers out there.


    Comment by Joyce — April 25, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

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