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April 21, 2008

Alexia Recommends: Heartbeat by Sharon Creech

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This weekend I got to spend some time with my cousin, Alexia.  After reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, I knew that I wanted to share this book with her, but what I didn’t expect was the great gift she would give me: Heartbeat by Sharon Creech.  Alexia is currently in sixth grade, but read this book when she was in fifth grade.  I think that it would be appropriate for middle school students in general, depending on their reading level.  Heartbeat is a simple story told through poetry about Annie, a twelve-year-old who loves to run and loves to draw.  Annie’s story involves her best friend and running partner, Max, her aging grandfather and the impending birth of her first sibling.  It was a great recommendation (and a very quick read).  Alexia also suggested Olive’s Ocean and Esperanza Rising.  I have to get going on some of our assigned reading before I read them.

It was so much fun to explore the YA section of Borders with Alexia.  I bought her and my other cousin, Elizabeth copies of The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  We’re going to be doing an email-book club about it soon.  In fact, I need to write to her now about my response to Heartbeat.  I also encouraged my cousins to get The Absolutely True Diary  and I got The Book Thief  for my older cousin.  One last note on True Diary, I’m not sure if it’s clear yet, but I still think this is my favorite book of the semester.  I have bought copies for several friends and family members.  One of these friends suggested it for the next Ithaca City School District book club book – and it’s June’s book!  This month’s book is Young, Gifted and Black.  I think the discussion of True Diary will be sometime toward the end of June.  So exciting!




  1. What a lovely book sharing weekend. And I’m happy to hear Ithaca is going to be discussing DIARY. How does the district book club work Sarah? I loved Olive’s Ocean. Young though–I would recommend it to precocious readers as young as 8. Alexia sounds like a discerning reader!! KES

    Comment by sunyprof — April 21, 2008 @ 11:07 am

  2. This is the official description of the book club:

    ICSD Ithaca High School Book Group for Equity
    The high school book group will meet once a month outside of school to discuss our chosen books related to the issue of equity. The first book is Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenrich. The second book is Young, Gifted and Black. Ensuing books will be decided by the group. This is the first of a series; sign up for each meeting individually; they will be posted as dates are determined. Participants can join for only one session or as many as they want; if you want to be part of the discussion but can’t attend the meetings, please see Joey Cardamone for details of how to do this.


    Comment by sostrom — April 22, 2008 @ 9:57 am

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