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April 19, 2008


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I hope all of you are enjoying this sunny warm day. The price one pays for conference-going, of course, is a Saturday devoted to reading and student papers. The highlight of the conference was hearing the NYS teacher of the year on Th morning. Wonderful. I’ve invited him to speak at D.A.T.E. next November. Also very interesting a film, TWO MILLION MINUTES, which we watched yesterday. The discussion that followed was facilitated by a member of the Board of Regents. This link is to a short YouTube trailer for the film which compares high school students in the US, India and China. I encourage you to watch the trailer.

I’m saying hello to encourage you to #1. PLEASE POST to let me and your classmates know what you are reading for fantasy lit circles next week and #2. PLEASE POST so that I know everyone has the books s/he needs for our next to last class on A NORTHERN LIGHT, THE BOOK THIEF and A TRUE AND FAITHFUL NARRATIVE.

As you know, the Zusak novel is over 500 pp. This is a title you need to be reading now rather than later in order to finish it by MAY 1st. At 50 pp. a day between now and then you’ll make it!! I know I’m sounding like Mom here when she used to tell you to put on your boots, but I just don’t want anyone to be surprised by the length of this novel.

I was delighted to notice the 13 year old daughter of a conference presenter who had come with her mother to Saratoga sitting in the lobby these past three days reading A NORTHERN LIGHT.

Please let me know if I can help with obtaining books for lit circles or those referenced above. NARRATIVE may be harder to find. Check your inter-library loan and/or order it at a B&N store but do it this weekend if you want to have it in time to read for the 1st.

Also, note that B&N runs their week long 25% off discount for educators starting next Friday. That’s always a good deal if you have a teacher friend or relative whose discount card you can use. If neither, I am happy to get anything specific you want me to buy for you.

Be in touch. KES


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