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April 10, 2008

Class Tonight and Going Forward

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Dear Class, I’ll be in my office from c.2:30 on — for anyone who gets in early and wants to talk about their project work.

As you know, after tonight, we will not meet again until April 24. Raph and Erica will be giving out their folders tonight for seminars on the 24th.

Lit circles will form tonight around the fantasy titles. Joyce has already asked who might want to join her in reading HEIR APPARENT, a novel about a girl who becomes trapped inside a virtual reality role playing game.

I will bring copies of the other lit circle titles to class. But do post if you are interested in one of the titles. Remember, I substituted DREAMHUNTER for the second book, DREAMQUAKE.

Also, please email attached copy of your project writing to date and/or bring double spaced hard copy to class tonight.

When we next see each other you will want to be in the last editing stages of this project.

We will have book club as usual tonight–the Craigs will arrive around 5 o’clock.

I will clarify additional (beyond the Reeves chapters) reading for the 24th–including several articles from the new Winter, ’08 issue of ALAN REVIEW–

Don’t forget the ALAN REV article I handed out last week: “Getting Beyond the Cuss Words: Using Marxism and Binary Opposition to teach IRONMAN (GO Chris!) and CATCHER IN THE RYE.”

I’ve been looking for posts on it–esp. from last semester’s 541 students who spent a good deal of time focused on using multiple critical perspectives to read young adult literature. KES

P.S. If you have not yet posted your feedback to seminar facilitators please do that today. And if you facilitated a seminar and have not yet posted your own reflection, please do that on the blog or send to me as an attachment. You can also give me hard copy tonight of course. Thanks!!


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