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April 7, 2008

Reflecting about Corey Craig

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I just completed a couple of the articles that Karen sent us from the link regarding the 2006 death of Corey Craig, the vibrant and well-liked daughter of the Mr. and Mrs. Craig. Before I get into the educational aspect, I would like to send my respect and condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Craig. If you are able to read this, I want to tell you that your daughter’s positivity towards others until her final day puts me in awe. She was clearly a wonderful human being, selfless and thoughtful of others. I can only hope to be half as inspirational. I look forward to meeting you (Mr. and Mrs. Craig).

Secondly, the educational effect of articles and guest speakers is astounding. Newspaper and/or magazine articles of real life situations and encounters that explicate the topic(s) discussed in current reading are excellent ways to engage young readers further into a topic or book. Having a real life reference, besides just the fictional word of “some author,” will bring a reality to the topic and/or theme. For the students who find the topic resonates with them all too well, they have the comfort of reading the stories and hearing (if guests are able to come and speak) the stories of actual events so that they do not feel alone.

Some young adult readers will proclaim, “This could never happen in real life!” Articles, news segments, guest speakers, and so on and so forth provide the teacher with a plethora of resources to prove the gravity and truth of the issue. The more examples and visual aides that we give the students, the better they will understand it.

Lastly, the use of two or twenty different resources to support the topic/issue/lesson allows room for exploring different avenues in writing assignments. The students can write poetry that describes an actual even that they read in an article that relates to the novel, they can reflect in their journals, write a short story of their own, write in the voice of a character in the novel by using the examples of articles they have read, etc. Any other ideas??



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  1. I think podcasting might be an excellent way for students to explore, process, and relate
    serious topics such as teen suicide, depression, bullying, etc. Chech out this website for more info.
    These student movies are incredible!


    Comment by scrollman — April 8, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

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