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April 3, 2008

The Medium is the Message

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Note the shift in what constitutes “literacy” in a digital world with this storytube contest. These are your future students. What now? KES


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  1. I’m kind of excited about this, Karen.

    In grade 5, I was asked to do a “book report” on camera for Language Arts. My partner, Michelle, and I invented an organization called TV B.O.O.K. and we made t-shirts and wrote a script and then let ‘er rip on film. It was multi-media project that allowed books to occupy the same space as news reporting, and I thought that was the sugarcookies back then. Talking about books? On television? Reading Rainbow wasn’t that far behind me, and being able to take part in something similar just knocked me out.

    I see how it may be running the risk of losing a scholarly edge, or meaningful discussion… but I can’t shake the feeling that any excitement for books is good.

    If you’re talking about the categories:

    Hair-Raising Tales
    From or For the Heart
    Of Heroes and Heroines
    Facts, Fads and Phenoms

    as dubious, perhaps indicative of a kind of lax reader expectation– I can certainly see what you’re saying. But I also think that there’s so much marketing now that even basic ideas have to “sound” right to get into a multiple choice text. Perhaps the creation of this project was more important than the specifics?


    Comment by Joyce — April 3, 2008 @ 9:59 am

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