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March 28, 2008

Jess: Question on tutoring

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Hi Jess,

 You’ve mentioned in class that you tutor a girl who has autism. Is she in a mainstream classroom? If so, has she always been? Do you work with her outside of school, or during the school day? I’d love to hear your insight while I finish putting together my seminar.




  1. Joyce,

    I have been meaning to talk to you about my work with Autistic/Aspergers children. For going on 6 years now, I have been working with such kids. The girl that I currently tutor has Aspergers, but is strictly being home-schooled by me. This schooling is solely review and preparation for the GED (she will be 17 in June, so she has the liberty to “drop out” if she wishes). This girl is socially awkward, as a matter of fact, she does not know how to properly socialize. She speaks on impulse and does not see nor understand the purpose of filtering one’s thoughts before speaking them. However, she is, as the profile of Aspergers shows, HIGHLY intellectual — her forte is in science and animals. She also has an affinity for animae (spelling?), graphic novels & computer games that are similar to a second life (she is a zoo keeper in one “game”).

    Unfortunately, my student is very much resentful and almost vindictive of her peers and high school. She speaks negatively whenever her school is mentioned and often expresses her discontent for the students and teachers, with the exception of one or two. I am grateful that I have passed her test for approval, and have had the pleasure of seeing her smile… and even dance in my presence! Oh, and she LOVES to read graphic novels — she read American Born Chinese in one sitting.

    Feel free to ask me any more questions or e-mail me at if you want to discuss further my other experiences with Autism. I’m so happy to see this is the topic you have chosen!


    Comment by jexter1 — March 28, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

  2. Jess,

    Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I am not suprised to hear that she has negative feelings about her school, considering some of the topics we’ve hit upon in recent weeks- but I’m sad about it.

    It says a lot about your character that you are able to help her, and provide a caring environment for learning. I am going to email you with a few additional questions.

    Thank you,

    Comment by Joyce — March 30, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

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