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March 26, 2008

Good Girls is a Good Book

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For book club this week, I read Good Girls, the story of Audrey and the circulation of a photo taken of her in a very compromising position at a party. Audrey is casually dating Luke, who is her high school sweetheart. However, she gets sick of how casual their relationship is and calls it quits. Only the same time she does this, a photo of her begins appearing on everyone’s cell phones. Her friends see it. Her enemies see it. Her teachers see it. Her parents see it.

This is the story of her reaction to this humiliation and her personal transformation, as well as the story of sexual awakenings, and how to deal with disappointing those closet to you. This is a provocative text, but imbedded in it are great lessons. Author Laura Ruby explores the consequences of gossip, the power of friendship, and how “every girl has a story. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are both.” Ruby explores high school from a real and true perspective.

I enjoyed this text because it brought me straight back to high school. Literally, there were parts where I simply thought, “yes, this is exactly how high school is.” I could relate to Audrey’s angst over her true love Luke, the distancing she experiences from her parents, and her drive to achieve perfection in school. She is a great protagonist, and possess so many qualities that anyone who reads this book will surely be able to relate to her.



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  1. The narrative of this book sounds all too familiar. With digital photography, and websites like
    My Space, it’s really easy for students to take and post pictures of other students, without their
    consent. I wonder if there are legal issues regarding right to privacy here?


    Comment by scrollman — March 27, 2008 @ 7:14 am

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