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March 25, 2008

Seminar Feedback: Kari

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I am also happy I was able to attend Kari’s seminar on teen suicide in YA lit. I was really interested in finding out about how to relate such a serious and “heavy” topic to students, and Kari delivered with a wide range of information and 3 very interesting novels, Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, and You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn, all of which I will certainly be reading since I am unfamiliar with this subject. Each of the novels deals with teen suicide differently, Impulse sounds like the real heavy hitter in that it’s dense and exeperimental as far as the form goes, but Ned Vizzini’s work is especially interesting to me since he is a very humorous writer. After reading Be More Chill, I would like to see how he takes on such a serious topic.

The additional information supplied to the group by Kari was also very eye-opening. I had no idea about the statistics and overall gravity of the situation, so as a prospective teacher, I feel grateful for knowing more about the culture we will be seeing in our own classrooms. Kari’s attention to detail in her research revealed much about the topic, from real life stories of survivors/victims of suicide to how teachers can affect change and help in prevention.  This really allowed for us to go off, so to speak, to engage in good discussions about recommendations we should/shouldn’t make to students and different activities to use in teaching the literature (like diary entries, character quote activities, etc.).

It was certainly an eye-opening experience. I wish I could have contributed more to discussion, but since I had little knowledge of the topic and even less experience with working with kids, I felt it was best to listen to what Jonathan and Sarah had to say since they have been in the classrooms dealing with this issue. Thank you, Kari. You did a great job.



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  1. Thanks Raph! I really enjoyed our group’s discussion and felt that each of our group members brought a different perspective to the table to create a really valid discussion. Raph put it best when he used the word “heavy” to describe both the topic and some of the literaty materials I presented, so I appreciate the fact that my group stuck with me, despite the gravity of the topic. After completing a seminar I am really looking forward to attending some others. Thanks again for the feedback!


    Comment by kariredmond — March 25, 2008 @ 10:50 pm

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