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March 16, 2008

Unwind Winding Up on Top

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Ok, so I went into this book with skepticism but only read a few pages before the skepticism was washed away. What works about this book is that it is a world very much like our own, except a little more technologically advanced. I once read that the best science fiction mirrors reality and only makes essential changes. It’s a very delicate genre to write, and Shusterman succeeds. If you don’t believe me,  read about it in today’s New York Times Sunday book review. That’s right everyone, we’re one step ahead of the game in our reading for this class, as usual.I’ve been really into this book so far, but I am not done with it yet. I love how we get to see the different perspectives. Especially in a book like this, with so many lives being effected. I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments in class on Thursday. If you are in one of the other circles, I recommend reading this book at some point.Allison


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  1. Love you Allison–I tried most of yesterday to post the SUNDAY TIMES reviews of UNWIND and BOY TOY. And yes, to comment on how au courant we are but I am having difficulty posting links and I have no idea why. Clearly you did just that so it’s not WordPress which is what I thought might be the problem. I’m glad you’re finding UNWIND interesting. I know Raph is in the circle? Who else is working w/you? Erin by any chance? Glad to have you back challenging us on the blog Allison….KES

    Comment by sunyprof — March 17, 2008 @ 6:54 am

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