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March 13, 2008

Seminars on 3/20

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As we look ahead to our next class–a week away–I’m hoping you will sign up for Erin and Kari’s seminars (their invitations appear below) asap. Three participants per seminar. Keep in mind that you may also be in a lit circle on the 20th. So please sign up for a single seminar for the 20th. First come first served re: seminar signups. Three names posted as comment in response to the invitation closes out that seminar. Erin and Kari will give you their seminar folders early next week. So if you are not going to be on campus to pick up the folder it would be best to wait and sign up for a next seminar.  As soon as you do sign up, the women will know who they need to get folders to by Mon or Tues of next week.You will want to have time to read the critical material in the folders and to prepare for the seminar. In future, of course, folders are due in the class before the seminar is held. Those of you who are signed up for early April, please keep that process in mind. Also, you will need copies of FEED and THE LAST BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE for the 27th. Let me know if you are having difficulty locating books. I believe everyone has FAHRENHEIT and if you do not, you can pick up a free copy from me next week. I look forward to posts on the readings for the 20th (see Mandy’s terrific comment on Reeves) and your book club selections.Has anyone continued to read Crutcher over break? Do share. KES    


  1. Just wanted to touch base in regard to class on March 20. I have responded to Kari in the hopes of attending her seminar in class. Also, I am not participating in a Lit. Circle this week and I don’t know if/when we signed up to facilitate for discussions for class, but I can facilitate for either the Johnson/Freedman reading or the Lesesne reading. I guess just let me know whatever works.


    Comment by traverse02 — March 16, 2008 @ 5:12 pm

  2. Yes, I forgot about UNWIND, I will have it read by Thursday and will participate in that Lit Circle. Sorry for the confusion.


    Comment by traverse02 — March 16, 2008 @ 7:22 pm

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