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February 29, 2008

Athletic Shorts, Mandy

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Hi Mandy,

 I’m so glad you mentioned reading ATHLETIC SHORTS:

                Joyce: I am happy to know someone else read Athletic Shorts. I enjoyed it and was reminded of what someone said in class last week about how you can define a good story in that you want it to continue. This is exactly how I felt while reading Athletic Shorts. In each story, an important issue was tackeled, from being overweight to AIDS to racism. The fact that these issues can be explored in a short story in such a profound way speaks to the wonderful writing talent of the author. I am excited to talk about this text with you, as I don’t know if anyone else read it!  -Mandy

so…   Which was your fav? I would have to say mine is “The Other Pin.” It’s a good example of Crutcherian writing, has all the basics in his prose: the virtues of exercise, the non-traditional athlete, the power of parental expectations, subverting the normative, and (most of all) humor. Killer ending scene on the wrestling mat. That KO will go down in my mental history as one of the best outside of my own experiences with Knock Out Kings and Mike Tyson’s PUNCH-OUT!

 However, I have to mention that the cameragun was a real treat in “In The Time I Get.”



  1. Hi again!

    Being a recent high school and college grad, I think I liked the story about Angus the best. Not having my book on me right now, it is the story that sticks out the most for me. This story re-affirmed what I experienced first hand in high school, both as a victim and an assailant: high schoolers can be nonsensically cruel. It also acknowledged that appearances can be deceiving. After being victim to my peers, I resolved to try my best never to prey on another. I remember a specific girl from my adolescents who lived in my neighborhood and everyone was always so mean to her, myself included. I saw her recently and I was utterly and truly ashamed. Thus, I have come to emphasize and root for the underdog, aka Angus. We have been in situations that either are or have the potential to be completely humiliating, and it is always terrifying. However, we always have a choice– to let things or people get the better of us, or to be like Angus, and stand tall, be brave…and a little nervous.


    Comment by mandygrl101 — March 1, 2008 @ 10:23 pm

  2. well put, Mandy.

    Comment by joycehansen — March 2, 2008 @ 2:52 pm

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