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February 9, 2008

Lit Circles #2 and Reflections on Lit Circle #1

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First, I want to see if anyone is interested in doing a lit circle on either Elijah of Buxton or the two collections of short stories.  I’m interested in the short stories because (1) I like to use them to model and scaffold reading strategies in much the same way Freedman/Johnson discuss using picture books; (2) I’m interested in expanding “the canon” of short stories beyond “The Lottery,” “Thank You, Ma’am,” “The Sniper” and others; and (3) the genre lends itself to supplementing other texts and topics.  I’m less interested in Elijah of Buxton, which is exactly why I’m open to reading it for a lit circle – trying to stretch myself “out of element” as Karen suggests.  Anyone interested?

I wanted to discuss the lit circles we conducted on Thursday.  First, I really enjoyed talking with my group.  We had some different reactions to the text which engendered vibrant discussion.  I realize (now) that we were to have blogged more about our book prior to our discussion, but the blogging just doesn’t generate the lively conversation we had in class.  I think posting some questions for discussion is a worthwhile way to prepare for our lit circle conversations, but I think that trying to get at some of the ideas we addressed in class would be difficult on the blog. 

That said, I’m hoping to give the blog’s role in lit. circles another try.  I’m wondering what others thought about the blog conversation vs. in class conversation.  Did blogging prior to meeting in class enhance your conversation?  In what ways?

Looking forward to your feedback.


ps/ after spell-checking this post I find it amusing that “blog,” “blogged” and “blogging” are not found in this blog’s dictionary 🙂


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  1. I’ll join you in the Lit Circle for the two books of short stories.

    Comment by ebrazee — February 10, 2008 @ 4:36 pm

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