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February 4, 2008

Non-Fiction for Kids

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One of my concerns for a long time now has been what I think is a misguided emphasis on teaching novels and calling it “English,” as if we’re done then! Oh I know there’s a smattering of poetry and perhaps a play or two thrown in. But the majority of what the human race reads in its lifetime is NOT fiction. The emphasis on fiction is in part a throwback to the days when getting an education meant reading “the classics,” most of them Greek or Roman texts that were read in, well, Greek and Roman, by an elite. We live in an era of knowledge explosion. Reading non-fiction is one avenue to learning more–being smarter–knowing more stuff. TO that end…..

This is a new and promising librarian’s blog that focuses on nonfiction of interest to kids. Take a look. Worth bookmarking I think.

I wonder if each of the lit circle groups might develop a short list of compelling non-fiction that adolescent readers would like to read alongside the novels we are reading for lit circles? I’ll be looking for just those kinds of examples this week. KES


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  1. Here’s another site with a good list:

    Comment by sostrom — February 6, 2008 @ 4:01 am

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