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January 30, 2008

Arnold or Junior or both

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I just re-read my last post and realized that I referred to Junior/Arnold as just ”Arnold”.  I did not do so conciously and I’m wondering whether or not this reveals a bias.  How do you think he should he be reffered to?  If we only call him Junior, then we downplay his Reardan identity; if we only call him Arnold, then we downplay his Indian identity.  Clearly he is both, but which should come first?  Should it be Junior/Arnold, or Arnold/Junior?  Should we put one of his names in parentheses?  If so, which one?   

I have a feeling that there really are no good answers to these questions.   The novel kind of forces us to see the complexity of identity, and the fact that names and titles don’t truly reflect who we are as human beings.  And still, we have to live with those names and titles, and the expectations that go along with them.


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