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January 27, 2008

Lit Circles for “Touching Snow” and “Does My Head Look Big in This?

Filed under: Lit Circle Picks — sunyprof @ 3:17 am

Sarah, Joyce and Erin would like to read TOUCHING SNOW for their 2/7 lit circle. They could include one more reader. Here is a brief description of the novel from the National Book Award Web site.

Kari and Allison are interested in DOES MY HEAD LOOK BIG IN THIS? They need another participant to create a circle. Anyone interested?

If you have not yet indicated an interest in one of these titles, please think about reading WHITE DARKNESS for the first lit circle. Josh, if you are going to be teaching Jack London, this book would be a wonderful complement to CALL OF THE WILD. Anyone else up for a frozen adventure story? KES


  1. I am willing to read DOES MY HEAD LOOK BIG IN THIS or WHITE DARKNESS. Both look very interesting to me.

    Comment by mandygrl101 — January 28, 2008 @ 12:44 am

  2. Mandy:
    Can we recruit you for the DOES MY HEAD LOOK BIG IN THIS Lit Circle? We need another member to make it happen! If you are still on the fence, I have to say that I have started it and it proves to be a great read.

    Comment by kariredmond — January 31, 2008 @ 1:47 am

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